Consolidation Rollers

Tillso Consolidation
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We offer our own range of consolidation rollers, which are available as retro-fit products as well as being fitted to our machines.   

Diamond Roller:Unique shape, Variable ring spacing

The Diamond roller is a steel packer with good clod crushing ability, giving consolidation to depth.

Unique Shape:

  • Aids self-cleaning
  • Incapable of significant compression or distortion
  • Cuts and crushes clod
  • Surface soil consolidated by side movement

Variable ring spacing allows roller to match tine centres

Replaceable, inset stub axles minimise dirt ingress and allow
fo good sized bearings set into the roller so adjacent roller
on folding machines can roll consistently across full width
  Consolidation Diameter Ring Centres Weight in KG/m
Diamond 550 to seeding depth 550mm 150mm-200mm 175kg/m with 150mm centres
Diamond 600 to depth 600mm 175mm-250mm 200kg/n with 200mm centres
Diamond 700 to depth 700mm 200mm-250mm 260kg/m with 210mm centres
diamond 1   diamond image 1

Flex-Till Roller

The FT roller is a self-cleaning, toothed rubber roller, which is produced for Tillso by Otico.

  • Non/block flexible rubber roller with light Cambridge roller weight
  • Rolling window increased: can start sooner after rain & runs in damper conditions
  • Reduced wind erosion
  • Surface consolidation reduces slug activity
  • Indenting teeth consolidate deeper than just surface
  • Surface reservoirs for water conservation
FT effect