Rake & Roll

Rake & Roll Principles



Case Studies


Unique Features

  • vertical, vibrating tine action
  • consolidation on stubble and at high speeds

Effective and Flexible Application

  • cultural weed control
  • spreads straw and trash
  • seedbed finishing for enhanced herbicide action
  • post-drilling consolidation

Unique Features

The consolidation roller on the Rake & Roll machine not only improves seed to soil contact for an excellent weed chit, but by carrying the weight of the machine it enables precise control of tine depth and a unique vertical tine action.

The Tine height and angle are precisely and hydraulically controlled. Carrying the full weight of the machine on the roller means that the tines can work at a more vertical angle which leaves them free to vibrate and create fine surface tilth, rather than simiply providing a combing action.

The FT roller is Tillso's patented technology, produced exclusively for Tillso by Otico. The non-block roller has a longer operating window in damp conditions, whilst the action of the offset indenting teeth consolidates deeper than just the surface. The flexible roller runs with a large contact patch which provides effective consolidation on stubble and at high speeds. This is in contrast to rollers designed to work in cultivated soil.

Running the full weight of the machine on the roller gives a weight of around 600kg per metre. A comparison between a Cambridge roll and a flexible toothed roller can be seen below.

Erosion Prevention:

  • Surface roughness reduces surface wind erosion effect
  • Water run-off reduced by indentations holding water on the surface for infiltration
  • Indentations hold water even when rolling down slope
  • Capping reduced by surface undulations