Welcome to Tillso

Tillso Philosophy: To remove soil compaction, preserve moisture and nutrients, and achieve effective crop establishment whilst improving soil fertility.
Tillso is an innovative British cultivation specialist and machinery manufacturer. Our technology is designed to improve profitability and yield by increasing organic matter in soils and aiding cultural weed control, as part of a min-till or no-till system. As well as our range of cultivators we produce retro-fit subsoiling tines and consolidation rollers, which offer a cost effective solution to update existing machinery.

Rake & Roll

The R&R spreads straw and trash, creates fine surface tilth and consolidates. The R&R is the most effective machine in the market to create a fast stale seedbed and provides an enhanced rolling operation for fining the seedbed or post-drilling consolidation. 


Sabre Tine

The Sabre subsoiling tine removes compaction and permanently restructures soil with minimum surface disturbance. The four tine options can be retro-fitted to existing machines.

Advantage Subsoiler

The Advantage is fitted with pitch adjustable Sabre tines with improved inter-tine clearance. Fitted with Sabre Ultralite it makes the ideal platform for OSR seeding and comes with the option to tow a following press or fit OSR openers.

Consolidation Systems

Diamond rollers are steel press ring rolls in three size options with variable ring centres and an unique shape to aid self-cleaning. The Flexi-Till rubber roller provides effective surface consolidation and runs longer in damp conditions. Tillso rollers are available as retro-fit components.

TS Crumbler

The Crumbler is a secondary cultivator which leaves a weatherproof finish. It comes with various tine and roller options to make it a versatile machine.