TS Crumbler

TS Crumbler 
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  • Levelling Board, heavy duty, adjustable in height and pitch
  • 2 staggered rows of Rigid Tines, Height and Angle Adjustable
  • 550 Diamond Roller with 200mm spacing or FT Roller
  • 2 staggered rows of Pigtail Tines or set of short harrow tines
  • 550 Diamond Roller with 200mm spacing or FT Roller

Different tine and consolidation roller options mean the TS Crumbler can be tailored to your requirements. Tine elements can be made to interchange for maximum flexibility.

With Diamond roller option, the two rollers are off-set giving an effective ring spacing of 100mm and creating good consolidation prior to drilling as well as a weather-proof finish. The first set of rigid tines are both height and angle adjustable.


The TS Crumbler creates a consolidated, level seedbed with a weatherproof finish; suitable for min-till cultivation and plough based systems. 

Fitting Flexi-Till rollers and 3 rows of short straw harrow tines creates a finer finish, used in preparation for sugar beet. The tines are angle adjustable and can be removed easily, allowing you to swap ack to pigtail tines for a coarser Autumn finish.  

Working Width  4m-7.5m
Horse Power Requirement 180-300hp
Weight 5.1t
Folds to 3m wide

4m high

Roller Tillso FT

610mm dia

Tines Rigid, Pigtail or straw harrow
Tine Quantity  
Output on Stubble 200acre/80ha

per day