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Advantage SC at Lamma 2018 January 18, 2018
Our new Advantage SC is a trailed cultivator with vertical tillage discs, minimum disturbance subsoiler tines, packer roller and tine openers. We we... [MORE]

Latest Tillso R&R 8m Video September 20, 2017
... [MORE]

Advantage & Opti-openers November 27, 2014
Write-up on the Advantage and Opti-openers as exhibited at the Croptec Show in Tillage magazine. ... [MORE]

Tillso supports Blackgrass Toolkit July 01, 2014
Tillso support Arable Farming's Black-grass Toolkit, a through the year approach to tackling Black-grass. ... [MORE]

Sabre Tine in Farmer's Weekly October 09, 2013
The Farmer's Weekly look at low disturbance subsoiler legs and OSR establishment: [MORE]

Sabre Tine in the Farmers Guardian June 06, 2013
Extreme weather effects on soil and using the Sabre Tine. Cereals Preview in the Farmers Guardian ... [MORE]

Beating Blackgrass on Heavy Land June 05, 2013
Please follow the link to a write up on the Bayer Crop Science website, following a Rake & Roll Demonstration in Yorkshire ... [MORE]

J.K. Senior & Sons: The Fight Against Black Grass December 18, 2012
Please click on the link J.K. Senior & Sons: The Fight Against Black Grass ... [MORE]

R&R and DowAgroScience September 21, 2012 ... [MORE]

Hutchinsons Summer Open Days May 23, 2012
Rake and Roll will be at Hutchinsons National Blackgrass Centre of Excellence Open Days on 31st May and 1st June 2012... [MORE]

R&R 10m April 16, 2012
Tillso R&R now available in 10m width. Due to demand for controlled traffic, we now offer the R&R 10m.... [MORE]

Ploughmate January 30, 2011
Tillso's specially angled weld-on knife to improve plough performance in the Farmers Weekly ... [MORE]

Lamma 2011 January 29, 2011
Sabre Tine and Ploughmate in Farmers Guardian... [MORE]

Cereals 2010 June 24, 2010
                            ... [MORE]

CPM Magazine June 02, 2010
TIllso and the Rake and Roll on page 42 of the June's CPM... [MORE]

Simba's Press Release February 28, 2010
Tillso offering 'genuine SImba components in a bespoke service'. ... [MORE]

Tillso's Sabre Subsoiling Tine January 24, 2010
The Sabre Tine at LAMMA... [MORE]

Tillso at LAMMA 2010 January 22, 2010
The new Straw Rake is featured in the Farmers Guardian   ... [MORE]

Launching the Straw Rake at LAMMA 2010 January 22, 2010
Tillso highlighted in the LAMMA section of the Farmers Weekly... [MORE]

R&R in Profi Magazine January 22, 2010
R&R in Profi International Tractors and Machinery... [MORE]