The Aqueel comes in  two forms, suitable for different applications.

Aqueel Lite: for Vegetable and Root Crops

Reservoir tillage System giving WATER & WIND MANAGEMENT with the added benefit of being a non-block roller. Made to application, from 80kg/m weight.


Aqueel II: for Grain Crops

Reservoir Tillage System giving WATER AND WIND management, the non block roller is of heavier construction of equivalent weight to a Cambridge roll. Axles from180kg/m weight.
NOTE: weights exclude machine to be fitted
  aqueel lite 1
Aqueel Lite Vegetable Seedbed Consolidation:
  • non block flexible roller
  • surface reservoirs for water conservation
  • reduced wind erosion
  • greater surface area warms faster
  aqueel lite 2
Quality construction to fit your machine
  • polyurethane elements, webbing reinforced
  • simple tube axle mounting
  • combinations to suit beds etc.
  • can be made to fit your application
  • proven self-cleaning technology
aq lite diag 2
aq lite diag 1 aqueel lite 3
Aqueel II Consolidation for Grain Crops
  • non block flexible roller with Cambridge roller weight
  • surface reservoirs for water conservation
  • reuced wind erosion
  • capability t support high loads e.g. subsoilers
  • proven self-cleaning Simba technology
aq II 1
aq II 2
aq II 3