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Cultivation Technology 
Tillso is a British cultivation specialist, manufacturing innovative cultivation equipment. Our technology is designed to increase organic matter in soils and aid cultural weed control as part of a min-till or no-till system. As well as our range of cultivators we produce retro-fit subsoiling tines and consolidation rollers, which offer a cost effective solution to update existing machinery. 
sabre tine field fitted

Sabre Tine

  • Maximum soil restructuring
  • Minimum surface disturbance
  • Unique patented technology
  • Deep subsoiling
  • OSR establishment
  • Shallow compaction
  • Retro-fit component


crumbler 3 Consolidation

Diamond steel packer roller with a unique profile. Comes in 550, 600 and 700mm diameter profile with variable ring spacings

Flexi-Till rubber roller runs longer in damp conditions, while the indenting teeth consolidate deeper than just the surface

R&R stocks Rake & Roll
  • Stale seedbed establishment
  • Post-drilling consolidation
  • Seedbed finishing
  • Accurate control of tine height and angle
  • Paltform for slug pellet and Avadex aplicator
  • Weight carried on the roller, offering a light Cambridge roll action
advantage 5 Advantage Subsoiler
  • 4-5m folding, 3m rigid subsoiler
  • Staggered tines give better inter-tine clearance
  • Depth controlled by Diamond packer
  • Adjustable tine pitch gives options for different conditions
crumbler 4 TS Crumbler

Secondary cultivator to create a level, consolidated, weather proof seedbed.

Different consolidation roller and tine options provide maximum flexibility



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