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 Tillso: Cultivation Technology
British cultivation specialist TIllso manufactures innovative cultivation equipment, which is designed to increase organic matter in soils and aid cultural weed control as part of a min-till or no-till system. As well as our range of cultivators we produce retro-fit subsoiling tines and consolidation rollers, which offer a cost effective solution to update existing machinery. 



Sabre Subsoiling Tine: Unique patented technology provides maximum soil restructuring with minimum surface disturbance. The Sabre tine range offers tines for deep subsoiling as well as removing shallow compaction issues and for Oil Seed Rape establishment.
As a retro-fit component the Sabre Tine can be fitted to most existing subsoiler machines or supplied in our Advantage subsoiler.
 Tillso Consolidation Systems: Our consolidation rollers are protected technology; supplied in our cultivators and to the retro-fit market. The Diamond steel packer roller comes with a 550mm, 600mm or 700mm diameter profile with variable ring spacings. The unique shape aids self-cleaning and ensures strength and soil movement for effective consolidation. Our Flexi-Till rubber roller runs longer in damp conditions, while the indenting teeth consolidate deeper than just the surface.
Rake and Roll: Fast Stale Seedbed Establishment. Enhanced Rolling
The R&R is an effective tool throughout the cultivation/drilling season. Offering the flexible combination of consolidation with light cultivation, it is invaluable for Blackgrass Control. The Flexi-Till roller offers equivalent consolidation to a light Cambridge Roll but with a longer operating window. There is also the option of fitting Avadex and slug pellet appicators for added control. Please see the Rake & Roll page for more information.
 TS Crumbler: Secondary Cultivator to create a level, consolidated and weather-proof seedbed. Consolidation roller options and the possibility for interchangable tine set-ups provide maximum flexibility.
Advantage Subsoiler: Staggered tines give good inter tine clearance. Depth is controlled by the Diamond packer roller. Adjustable tine pitch provides options for more lift in different conditions.
 Ploughmate: Weld-on Plough Knife. Finer Tilth
A cost effective option which can be fitted to any mouldboard plough to reduce clod size wilst maintaining inversion.
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